Blanton’s Gold Edition


Blanton’s Gold Edition was created for discerning bourbon aficionados who appreciate exceptional smoothness and complexity in their bourbon whiskey. The nose is first marked by spicy rye and tobacco notes. Caramel and honey follow soon after, mingled with dark fruit and citrus notes. The palate emulates the same complex nose with rye, tobacco, and honey at the forefront. Round and bold notes of charred oak and vanilla carry you through to an extremely long and harmonious finish. This bourbon consistently delivers on balance and character, on par with the world’s finest whiskey. Best served neat or with a splash of water. Bottled at 51.5% alcohol by volume.

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Blanton’s Bourbon For Sale

Blanton’s bourbon for sale near me; The world’s first single barrel bourbon was created in 1984 by Elmer T. Lee. Named after former distillery president Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Elmer recalled how Colonel Blanton would sometimes handpick a ‘honey barrel’ from the center of Warehouse H to enjoy with others blanton’s gold bourbon for sale .  Many years later, the Blanton’s brand was created. Today, Blanton’s Single Barrel has become one of the most revered and award-winning bourbons on the market.  The Gold Edition was the second version created, after the Original 93 proof


This 103 proof Blanton’s Gold is very limited, but a favorite among discerning bourbon aficionados

Hints of spicy rye and tobacco on the nose, followed by caramel and honey, dark fruit and citrus notes. The palate emulates the same complex aroma with rye blanton gold for sale  , tobacco, and honey. Oak and vanilla contribute to an extremely long and harmonious finish.

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